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Dyersburg defeats Trenton

Cameron Buss – Editor

On Tuesday, December 12, the Trojan and Lady Trojan basketball teams faced off against the Peabody High School Golden Tide. The theme for the basketball game was tacky Christmas sweaters. The student body dressed up in their tackiest sweaters and came to cheer on their teams from the student section. This theme followed Tacky Christmas Sweater Day at the high school.

  The Lady Trojans played the first game. Their starters were Faith Sherrow, Samariah Thompson, Mari-Hanna Newsom, Breonna Howard and Cloe Messer. After falling behind in the first half, the girls fought back to outscore Peabody in the second half. The Lady Trojans won the game with a final score of 59-58.

  “In a close game, you have to rely on your teammates, stay calm and keep your composure while bringing your best effort. We did that really well and finished the game with a win,” Sherrow said.

  The boys played immediately after the conclusion of the girls’ game. The starters for the Trojans were Brandon Williams, Niko Mann, Kevin Spencer, Malik Currie and Damarr Ward. The score of this game was close the entire time, similar to the girls’ game. However, the Trojans won their game as well; the final score was 64-60.


The Good Ole Days take front seat

Alveena Nadeem – Reporter

The cliche “old is gold” is known throughout generations, yet it stays true no matter how much time passes. Pop artist Macklemore agreed with this phrase, creating the song “Good Old Days,” which also features famous artist Kesha. This song was released this year, and is part of Macklemore’s album “Gemini.”

  The song begins with Kesha’s soothing voice giving the listener advice: “you’ll miss the magic of these good old days.” The beat then picks up with Macklemore rapping about his eventful life when he was young, and how he wishes he could experience it again. The beat pulls you in, making you feel nostalgic. Their gentle voices accompanied by a piano in the background flow beautifully with the artists’ voices, making you lost in thought.

  “The song is about the good old days, and it makes me relive my past middle school years. Good memories were made there, and the thought of my friends makes me feel emotional; I feel sad and happy at the same time as I walk down memory lane looking at the good and bad times,” freshman Kathy Tran said.

  Tran truly shows the effect this song has upon its listeners by reflecting upon her past. This is a perfect song to listen to as you drive down the highway, your thoughts wandering in the past. It shows how truly important it is to live in the moment, as you will always miss the “Good Old Days.”   

FCA hold annual Christmas party for special needs students

Sara White Reporter

Fellowship of Christian Athletes held the annual Christmas party for special needs students on Wednesday, December 13. The special needs students were surrounded by Christmas joy and love from their fellow students.

This party was held in the storm shelter near the school. FCA members walked the special needs students from the West wing to the storm shelter while holding hands, singing songs, and enjoying the fellowship.

“It was a lot of fun and I think they really enjoyed it,” junior Franklin Agee said.

While everyone arrived at the storm shelter, the students congregated and talked for a few minutes. When everyone sat down, Sydney Bevis read The Night Before Christmas and Cameron Buss read Who Was Born This Special Day aloud. While students enjoyed the stories, teachers set up the pizza and drinks for everyone.

All students got pizza and a drink and enjoyed talking with one another while they ate. After everyone finished eating, the special needs students received the presents that FCA members got for them. The special needs students were very excited and thankful for their presents FCA members were overjoyed to give presents and spend time with their fellow students.

“The special needs Christmas party every year really warms my heart every year because the kids are so sweet, and they have the biggest smiles when they get their gifts,” junior Whitby Holden said.  

Overall, all of the special needs students and FCA members had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and the spirit of giving. IMG_9051IMG_9054IMG_9058IMG_9064

“I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks. One can never have enough socks, said Dumbledore. Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair.”

-J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Parker Millner – Reporterunnamed.jpg

The Key Club is sponsoring a sock drive to help the people of Dyersburg who do not have socks for the winter season. DHS is giving socks to the men and women involved with Transitions as well as Matthew 25:40 in the Dyersburg area.

  “Key Club is excited to able to provide for a small but necessary need in our own community. All of the socks donated will be given to Matthew 25:40 and Transitions of Dyer County. The theme of the sock drive is No Cold Toes. Our goal is to have 250 pairs donated. With that many, we hope there will be ‘No Cold Toes’ in Dyer County,” said chairman of the sock drive Burke Jensen.

  DHS will be accepting donations through December 15th in the school’s atrium donation box for anyone who wants to donate to help these organizations provide for the people of Dyersburg.


Defining gender fluid


Sara Clifft- Reporter

Sexual orientation and gender identity are often viewed as interchangeable terms, and the gender binary is seen as having two distinct extremes, male or female. But the sex you are assigned at birth may not always align with your gender or gender identity.

  Gender fluidity is defined as flowing in between male and female within the gender spectrum.

  “Being gender fluid, to me, means that some days you don’t feel comfortable with your assigned gender. Some days you feel more masculine than feminine and vice versa,” an anonymous student, who identifies as gender fluid, said.

  Gender diversity has existed throughout history and all over the world. One of the most fundamental aspects of a person’s identity, gender deeply influences every part of someone’s life.

  This crucial aspect of self identity is narrowly defined and rigidly enforced, causing individuals whose identity exists outside of societal norms face many challenges.

  Simply teaching others understanding and respect can help gender nonconforming individuals in not only Dyersburg, but across the world.

  Gender fluidity has existed for centuries and will continue to exist long into the future. By beginning to teach others understanding and respect, we can ensure the safety of gender fluid people and other LGBTQ+ individuals.  

  Your body does not define your gender, you do.

Dua Lipa album shows both sides of love


Abbey Alley – Editor

By now, almost everyone has heard the song “New Rules” by Dua Lipa, whether they recognize the song or not. Personally, it is my man-hating anthem. “New Rules” is the song you put on when you need to pretend to be mad at your boyfriend so you can do your homework with no distractions. If I was in the movie Little Rascals, we would play this song at our gender-bent version of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club meetings.

  According to my iTunes, I have performed this ritual exactly 31 times. I have needed to hate men and therefore manufacture my own motivation for about 1.8 hours so far.

  Based on Lipa’s iconic single, I expected this entire album to ooze with playful misandry and catty feminist sentiments. I did not expect to think about love or needing a man at all when listening to this album. It turns out that Lipa is unfortunately just as vulnerable to romance as the rest of us mere mortals, an idea that disappointed me at first.

  That was until I realized that I was looking at it all wrong.

  “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, and it has never been more relevant.

  When listening to the more needy tracks from Lipa’s album, such as “Begging,” I was ready to lose it. I had had it. Why was my feminist queen begging for this man to love her?

  That was when I had a Carrie Bradshaw-like epiphany. Lipa’s love and desire for men, as presented in “Begging,” only serves to give depth and dimension to her feminist anthems. Loving men can only make you hate them even more!  

  After all, when talking to your friends about relationships, you want to know the whole story, right? Without knowing the rose, the thorns do not pierce you quite as badly.

  I now felt bad for not wanting to know why Lipa had to come up with her iconic rules in the first place. I never stopped to think, “Wow, who hurt her?”

  When viewed in this light, Lipa’s self-titled album does in fact tell a story.

  In the first track, “Genesis,” Lipa says that she needs her muse’s love. She does not just want it; she supposedly needs it. In “Lost In Your Light,” she only gets more infatuated with whomever she is writing about. She wants him to hold her and trust her, which sounds directly contradictory to what “New Rules” tells us we should want. This message from Lipa is so pure; she just wants to love and be loved in return.

  After a few more sappy and sexy tracks, I finally found what I was looking for in “IDGAF.” All of that romantic and sexual man-loving tension finally exploded into a crescendo of independence.

  “So I cut you off, I don’t need you, love,” Lipa sings and yells in “IDGAF.” She also uses more colorful language to get her point across, but this track makes it clear that there has been trouble in Lipa’s Garden of Eden; ironically enough, the track following “IDGAF” and “Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” two jams that correspond with the message from “New Rules,” is titled “Garden,” in which Lipa questions whether or not she and her man are leaving the “Garden of Eden” phase of their relationship behind.

  Later, in “No Goodbyes,” she expresses her desire to just pretend that there are no problems or complications in her relationship.

  By exploring the hopelessness, fear, extreme affection and disconnect from reality that came from her past relationships, Lipa gave me a valuable window of study into the life cycle of love.

  In a way, I am extremely comforted to know that even Lipa believes in love; if the same woman who wrote “New Rules” can be still be vulnerable and dare to hope for something more from men, then who among us cannot?

  By not picking up the phone for our romantic partners that treat us like garbage, we leave the line open for the romantic partners that will treat us better; by not letting them in, we protect our vulnerable hearts and preserve them so that we actually have the capacity to trust those worth trusting; by not being their friend, we save ourselves from that vicious cycle of letting those who shatter us glue us back together.

  Dua Lipa was not telling us to hate men; she was telling us to know our worth and to not spend time on those who do not deserve our time, which is even more empowering than simply hating men could ever be.

Net Neutrality considered for repeal

Rebecca Reed – Editor

net neutrality
There are websites who have provided online petitions to fail the repeal of Net Neutrality. The above image is an example of the advertisements that have encouraged people to speak against this repeal.

Net Neutrality, the internet’s guiding principle, was adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) during former President Obama’s second term. This set of rules acts as protection against internet service providers like AT&T, Verizon, etc.

  This protection prohibits these providers from speeding up, slowing down, or blocking content on the internet. Currently, these guidelines are under review for potential repeal.

  President Trump’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to repeal Net Neutrality. This was published in May; since then, the FCC has received more than 20 million comments urging for the rules to stay. Pai’s proposal will be voted on December 14.

  The results of the potential repeal means that providers can block websites and content that promote products that compete with their services. Another result would be organizations that lack public acceptance (i.e. LGBTQ+ community, indigenous people, etc.) will lose a free outlet to promote their causes, and free speech will be limited.

  “I don’t think anybody should be able to block websites, it falls under the freedom of speech. Everybody has the right to express themselves,” senior Miller Edgin said.

  Leading phone and cable companies have been fighting against Net Neutrality since the new rules were adopted. However, it was not until Pai’s initiative that these guidelines were actually considered for repeal.

  If a person feels that this repeal should be failed, they should speak out. Members of Congress take into consideration the opinions of their voters before choosing sides. Also the FCC is open to listen to people’s opinions on the matter of Net Neutrality. People can speak up now before the chance to do so is blocked.

Matt Lauer fired amid allegations

Sydney BevisReporter

Wednesday November 29, 2017, a day that all “Today” fans will remember for the rest of their lives. The day that Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News.

  Lauer has been a co-anchor for the “Today” show for the past 20 years and was also a reporter for NBC News. That morning Savannah Guthrie, Lauer’s co-anchor and fellow reporter for NBC News, announced, alongside Hoda Kotb, that Lauer had been fired from the NBC network due to a detailed complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior that took place after the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The complaint also said that this inappropriate behavior continued in the workplace after the original incident.

  Guthrie and Kotb were clear about the fact that they were heartbroken over the firing of their friend, but they had also not been informed on all of the details of the situation. Guthrie assured that NBC would fully cover this story and that all details would be told and not shied away from.

  NBC Chairman Andrew Lack sent a memo to employees of the network early Wednesday morning about Lauer’s misconduct and the effect of his firing. In the memo, Lack told that the complaint led to a serious review, and it was a very “clear violation of our company’s standards.”

  “Girls can just accuse guys of sexual harassment with no evidence, and everyone will believe them because no one wants to be the first to accuse them of lying,” senior Miller Edgin said.

  Whether Lauer is guilty or not, the allegation was enough to release him, but he will never be released from the hearts of the “Today” show fans.  

Schiano shut out

Dakota Turnbo – Reporter

unnamed (1)
Fans had a different idea about who should be the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers this weekend when Athletic Director John Curried authorized the hiring of Greg Schiano.

The Tennessee Volunteers had its guy, its next head coach on Sunday, or so they thought. Greg Schiano was the man John Currie picked to save his job and, had the pick not been so tone deaf, the fans may have accepted it.

    Nevertheless, the pick was terrifyingly tone deaf to Volunteer fans. The fans wanted a big-name-hire and instead they got another Butch Jones. It is arguable that Schiano is an even worse coach than Butch given his losing record in the NFL and barely above .500 record at Rutgers.

    His obvious football deficiencies were not the reason he was attacked by Volunteer fans though, it was his possible knowledge of the Jerry Sandusky child rape situation when he was at Penn State that had the fans up-in-arms.

    Some fans really did not like the idea of someone who allowed child rape coaching their team and others simply used it as a scapegoat to get rid of an unpopular head coaching hire, but these two were indiscernible from each other since both cited the Penn State situation as the reasoning for not wanting the hire.

    Schiano allegedly knew of the Sandusky situation. Nothing was actually proven to say he knew, but Volunteer fans still jumped on the chance to get rid of a hire they did not like.

    This brings up the question of how much power should the fans have. They smudged the reputation of a possibly innocent man all because they did not like a hire. This type of situation would have never occurred if Currie knew what the fans wanted and actually listened to them.

    For the first time in what seems like a decade or more, the fans were finally heard and listened to at this program, but it seemingly destroyed a man’s reputation in the process.

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