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January 2016

DHS hosts Special Olympics

Taylor Welch

Online Editor

The high school hosted the annual Special Olympics on Thursday, January 28. Approximately 100 athletes of all ages from across the county participated in the program.   

  The athletes competed in three different basketball-related competitions. First was the passing drill. Participants threw the basketball at an area marked on the wall to earn points. Members of the National Honor Society volunteered to help the athletes in any way possible.

“I always go into volunteering with the mindset that I am going to help make a difference, when in reality volunteer work makes a difference in me. My favorite part of volunteering with Special Olympics was seeing these people feel like they have accomplished something amazing, and smile the biggest smiles ever,” said junior NHS member Chelsea Smith.

The second activity involved dribbling around five cones in an allotted amount of time. The final competition was the shooting drill. To better accommodate athletes, NHS members working the station offered themselves as a human basket.

   “Special Olympics was started by a DHS teacher, George Hancock. He ran it for the city and the county until he passed away in 2005, and then myself and a parent took it over. Everything we have here is because of George. He was amazing. We’ve always had this at DHS and we love being hosted by Dyersburg High School. Due to great volunteers and a very supportive staff, everybody has a great time,” said Dyersburg and Dyer County Special Olympics coordinator Cindy Jones.

Photos by Taylor Welch

Trojans and Lady Trojans fall short in district games against Westview

Taylor Welch

Online Editor

On Tuesday, January 19, the Trojan and Lady Trojan basketball teams faced Martin Westview in district play.

The Lady Trojans started out strong, but by the end of the first half the Lady Trojans were down by seven points. After the third and fourth quarters, the Lady Trojans fell to the Lady Chargers, who are ranked third in the state, with a final score of 62-70.

The Trojans trailed the Chargers by 17 points after the conclusion of the first and second quarters. The Trojans were defeated 61-78 by the Chargers, who are ranked seventh in the state.

The Trojans and Lady Trojans will play against South Gibson on January 21 at South Gibson at 5.


The Lady Trojans move the ball around the court during the game against Westview.
After earning a free throw from a foul, junior Zach Morgan attempts to make the shot.

Photos by Taylor Welch

“We played against the third ranked team in the state and we played a good game. A better start in the first and third quarters would have given us a better chance. We competed well and we were in the game. Hopefully we will come out with a win the next time we play them. They made a lot of shots and so did we. I am proud of our team’s effort,” junior player Jani Crawford said.

Trojans and Lady Trojans dominate Crockett County Cavaliers

Photos by Shae Burrell

Shae Burrell


The Dyersburg Trojans and Lady Trojans were in action on January 26 against the Crockett County Cavaliers. The Lady Trojans started off in the lead but the game between the two teams became neck and neck as the Lady Cavaliers tried to push their way to a lead. The game was 19-21 at the beginning of halftime, but the Lady Trojans came back beating the Lady Cavaliers 47-38.

The Trojans had a similar night as they were neck and neck with the Cavaliers who tried to push their way to a victory. The score was 16-17 at halftime, but the Cavaliers ultimately fell to the Trojans with a score of 44-38.

The night was filled with a lot of activities with senior Morgan Little won $350 when she successfully made a three pointer in the First Citizens National Bank’s Three Point Shot. Logan Byars also won $10 in the Dash for Cash sponsored by Security Bank.

The games played by the Trojans and Lady Trojans always bring a lot of activities as students line up in the student section showing off their Trojan pride. The Lady Trojans played with the goal of winning in mind and did everything they could to reach that goal in the end, both teams were victorious.

“Glo up” with Glo spa night

Story Robey 


Glo Tanning Spa has recently opened on Highway 51 in the building that Sunsational Tanning was once located. Glo hopes that it will be more prosperous than other tanning salons that have previously opened in Dyersburg. Glo’s staff has been working hard to promote business throughout town. Being that Miss DHS is coming soon, many girls are looking for a place to get a tan before the dance.

Regardless of the dance coming this weekend, the winter season brings more of a demand for that golden glow. In order to draw more business for Miss DHS, Glo is hosting a spa night on Thursday, January 28. From 6-8 and exclusive to high school girls, this night will include a night of pampering, food and face masques. $20 spray tans will be available with appointment.

You can follow “glo.tanning” on Instagram to see the results of spray tans that Glo employees have done on clients. The spray tans at Glo are not done machines but by the employees themselves, so that you know you are getting full coverage.

Bonfire wraps up homecoming week

Bay Wilson

Online Editor

The mighty Trojans gathered around a roaring fire on January 14, 2015. The Student Council hosted the basketball homecoming bonfire on Thursday night. As the flames reached the skies, a battle cry rose into the night as the Trojans got hyped up for Friday night’s game.

Ashley Ayers gave a motivational speech for all the students. She read out a battle cry and had the students repeat after her. Ayers got the students pumped up for the game on Friday. After her speech, Blaine Mahaffey gave a speech as well. Mahaffey encouraged the students to keep up their good work, as the student section had grown greatly in the past year.

The students gathered around the fire to battle the cold. Hot chocolate was served and the students socialized the rest of the night. Laughter filled the air as the students relaxed and hung out. Cheer Coach Alyssa Roberts led the students in a cheer.


Photos by Bay Wilson

To wrap up the night, the fire department came to extinguish the fire before the students returned home. We look forward to having a great homecoming game Friday night. The theme is white out! We hope to see everyone at the game dressed in white to support the Trojans and Lady Trojans to wrap up the homecoming week with a win.

DECA members compete in regional competition

Meredith Meadows


On January 19, the Dyersburg High School DECA Chapter traveled to Union University in Jackson, TN to compete in regional competition. There are four different events that DECA members can compete in at the competition.

There is a written event where students write a paper about an innovative business or product and create a complete business plan. This event can be done in teams or as an individual. Participants for this event were sophomores McKenzie Ramm and Kaylee Maldonado, juniors Peyton Phillips and Jenna Porter, sophomores Halle Hopgood and Taylor Newman and senior Ashlynn Marrow. All these participants will be advancing to the state competition.

The second event at the regional competition is the Principles Event. These competitors took a test that included content relating to their specific category prior to arriving at the competition. The day of, the competitors participated in a role play where they were given a mock situation which was also tailored to their category. Winners for this event were sophomore Rebecca Reed, winning third overall on her test and second overall on her role play, junior Reese Taylor, winning third overall on his test and third overall on his role play and sophomore Jack Medlin, winning first overall on his test and first overall on his role play. All these participants will be advancing to the state competition.

The third event at the competition is the Individual Series. These competitors also took a test with content relating to their specific category prior to arriving at the competition. The day of regionals, these competitors participated in two separate role plays where they were given two mock situations tailored to their category. Winners for this event were junior Taylor Maldonado, winning third overall on her Role Play 1 and third overall on her Role Play 2, sophomore Alyssa Grissom, winning second overall on her test and first overall on her Role Play 1, junior Meredith Meadows, winning first overall on her test, first overall on her Role Play 1 and first overall on her Role Play 2, senior Shaylah Henning, winning third overall on her Role Play 2 and sophomore Kellsi Parr, winning first overall on her Role Play 1. Maldonado, Grissom, Meadows and Parr will be advancing to the state competition.

The final event at the competition is the Team Event. These competitors took a test with content relating to their category prior to arriving at the competition. At the competition, the teams participated in a team role play where they were given a mock situation related to their category and were able to work together to come up with their solution. The teams from the high school that participated in the event were sophomores Tabor Hurt and Jayvin Brasfield, with Hurt winning third overall on his test, juniors Grace Clark and Taylor Hopper, with Hopper winning third overall on her test, sophomores Chance Stepp and Logan Luttrel, winning first overall on their role play and sophomores Ashley Pugh and Emma-Anne Boatright, winning first overall on their role play. The team of Stepp and Luttrel and the team of Boatright and Pugh are both advancing to the state competition.

The DECA State Convention is to be held on March 3-5 at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. The state qualifiers will participate in the same type of events they competed in at regionals with a larger group of people from different districts around the state. Winners at the state competition will advance to the international competition which will be held sometime in April or May.


Trojans, Lady Trojans begin district play

Taylor Welch


On January 12, the Dyersburg Lady Trojan and Trojan basketball team competed against the Obion County Rebels in district play at Obion.


  The Lady Trojans conquered the Lady Rebels with a score of 50-40. The Lady Trojans were down by three after the completion of the first quarter, but after half time, they had achieved a two point lead. From then on, the Lady Trojans dominated the Lady Rebels.


  “It was a big game that we needed to win. It helped us start over getting into district games. We all hope that that gives us the momentum we need to get a few more wins. We finally are starting to get our feel as a team and working together better to finish out this season,” freshman player Alex Hurt said.


  The Trojans were defeated 41-59. The game progressed slowly for the Trojans, and by the time the fourth quarter began, they were still trailing behind by four points.
  The Trojans and Lady Trojans will face off against the Milan Bulldogs at the homecoming game on January 15 at 6:30pm.

Homecoming knocked out with a punch

Staff Editorial

Recently, the frequency of fights at the high school has increased. In fact, on January 12, two fights occurred. During a normal week, a fight results in the loss of the ten minute break between classes the following day; however, since it is basketball homecoming week and there were multiple fights, the aftermath of these fights was the loss of the homecoming class competitions on January 12 and 13, the loss of the dress-up day on January 13 and the deprivation of break on January 13 for the entire student body.

  When one looks through the eyes of an administrator, he or she sees a group of unruly students taking pleasure in seeing their peers fight each other. Students were filming the fight and taking photos to share on social media. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable. School is no place for resolving drama that comes from outside the halls of the high school. This drama that sparks conflict among students not only impacts the students in the brawl, but also affects every student in the school. No one at the high school cares whose girlfriend kissed who; this petty, immature drama should not influence how homecoming week goes.  

“It is hard to comment on specific decisions by administrators because we don’t always know the whole story. I think administrators often have to make tough calls when it comes to allowing students to enjoy privileges while still maintaining an environment that is safe and orderly. I don’t like when the entire student body is punished because of the actions of a few, but unfortunately there will always be times in life when those who follow the rules suffer because of those who don’t,” AP English teacher Nikki VanDyke said.

 The administration, however, is also acting very unjustly. Only a few students chose to land a few punches; the rest of the student body–consisting of around 800 students–did not. So why should the entire school suffer?

  When a few students do something exemplary, only they are rewarded. For example, when the soccer team wins, only the soccer team’s victory is announced in the morning announcements. No reward is given to the rest of the school. This same logic should be used when inflicting punishments. If the rest of the student body does not get a special reward when a few students win a competition, then the rest of the student body should not get punished when a few students fight.

  The administration’s decision also encourages students to do something wrong deliberately in order to get the rest of the students punished along with themselves.

  DHS Trojans are only given a few opportunities every year to display their Trojan Spirit. If such events keep on getting sacrificed, the Spirit will, unfortunately, die.

The Mustard Seed takes on the online world.

Jenna Porter


The Mustard Seed and The Olive Branch, both well-known boutiques in Dyersburg, are taking the next step in business. In a few weeks, a new website will be launched selling everything that is sold in the store. With people coming in from surrounding counties, as far as an hour away, this will be more convenient for both the stores as well as the customers. The website will include men’s and women’s clothing. Other categories offered will be gift, home, shoes, jewelry and types of monograms that are also available in The Mustard Seed.

Lindsay Shoulders, owner of The Mustard Seed, The Olive Branch, and Glo Tanning has been awaiting the launch of this website for quite some time.

“We currently ship all over the United States. This will make it easier for customers to purchase our products,”Lindsay Shoulders said when asked what she was looking forward to the most by creating a website for her men’s and women’s store.

The release is projected to be in the next few weeks.The website’s URL is Credit card payment and PayPal will be available for customers to use on the website. For more information on release as well as products, contact The Mustard Seed and The Olive Branch at (731)-325-5478.

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