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October 2016

Rise Up Tour rocks Minglewood Hall

– Bay Wilson Online Editor 

Four bands signed to Rise Records performed at Minglewood Hall in Memphis Wednesday night. The Rise Up Tour featured The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire, Silverstein and special guests Like Moths to Flames. Each band played a 30 – 45 minute set with sound checks in between. The show began at 6:30 and ended around 10:30. The venue was a very intimate setting with soft lighting and people conversing and making new friends.

  The first act was the special guests Like Moths to Flames. The band had a great stage presence and never lost their energy on stage. They were very good at getting the crowd hyped up for the remaining acts. They grabbed the crowd’s attention easily with their unique style.

  Following Like Moths to Flames was the Canadian band Silverstein. Their set had a great light show that danced to the beat of the music. The front man, Shane Todd, talked to the crowd in between songs and even came out after the Devil Wears Prada’s set and met his fans. He talked to the crowd about how happy he was to be back in Memphis and also talked to a fan in the front row about how the Cubs were winning that night’s game. Silverstein performed a new song “Ghost” which was released on October 14.

  Memphis May Fire ran out with their guitars ready followed by singer Matty Mullins. They played several well-known songs such as “No Ordinary Love” and “Beneath the Skin.” Memphis May Fire also played their new song “Sever the Ties.” They recently released the song’s music video and released their new album today, October 28. The fans in the crowd responded very well to the band by singing the songs they all knew well. Mullins interacted with the crowd frequently, telling them to raise their fists in the air or to jump along during a chorus. The band had a great influence on the excited crowd.

  The final act of the night, The Devil Wears Prada, ended the night on a great, and very heavy, note. The band showed great music expertise, proving they had been doing what they love for quite some time. The band was in sync the whole set and did not miss a beat. Their high energy rubbed off onto the crowd who jumped around enthusiastically to the music. The band ended their last song as the lights cut off. The crowd began to chant “one more song” and “encore” until the members came back out with their equipment to play one last song.

 The bands left Memphis and headed for Texas for the next show. The four bands will be playing on the Rise Up Tour until November 4.

The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada
Memphis May Fire
Memphis May Fire
Memphis May Fire


The Devil Wears Prada
The concert hall had a very intimate setting.
Like Moths to Flames

Farm Day at DPS 

Aaron Stapleton / Editor –

On Friday October 21, members of the Dyersburg FFA chapter volunteered at the DPS Farm Day. All classes in the first grade attended 6 different sessions where they learned different aspects of agriculture. These sessions were conducted by the FFA members.

   A few sessions were informative while other activities were games. At one sections, the first graders learned of different aspects of cows, goats and rabbits. Another section featured a farmer from the community who spoke his everyday life. At the final informative section, the children learned of the life of pumpkins.

   Three of the sessions the first graders played games associated with agriculture. These games or fun activities included a hayride, butter making and sack racing.  

Freshman Jacob Bell allows the first graders to touch the cow. The first graders said that this was their first time to touch a live cow.
Senior Lana Howe teaches the first graders about the life cycle of a pumpkin.
Senior Grace Clark teaches the first graders the “Chicken Dance”. This was apart of the sack racing session.
Freshman Parks Johnson shows the children a goat. The first graders were also taught about the farm animals.

Sophomores finally learn to C.O.P.E.

– Sarah McLaughlin Reporter 

Dyersburg High School and Dyer County High School sophomores joined together through Dyer County Youth Leadership to participate in the weekend program at Camp Mack Morris called C.O.P.E. There, they learned first-hand how to use teamwork and divided leadership to effectively solve given tasks.

  The campers participated in a multitude of events to break down barriers by having to rely on their teammates to support them. They engaged in several trust falls, rope courses, wall climbs, and many other trust-building activities.

  “The amount of trust that you have to put in other people surprised me,” Anna-Leigh Armstrong said.

  The campers split into two separate groups, which were each led by two instructors. Group A was lead by ‘Papa Smurf’ and ‘Sailor’. Group B was lead by ‘J-Bo’ and ‘Stix’. Each camper made up their own C.O.P.E. nickname to go by at the camp, so if someone negatively addressed them, they wouldn’t take it personally. It was solely to discourage the injury of their self-esteem.

  “I really liked the way C.O.P.E. challenged not only our physical ability, but the mental ability of every individual there. If you were afraid to participate in a given activity, the C.O.P.E. instructors would convince you to pass your mental block and really challenge you. C.O.P.E. is just as physically challenging as it is mentally challenging,” Trey Childress said.

  The instructors and team members challenged every participant to push through every personal boundary they had previously set for themselves. By the end of the second day, almost every camper said they had grown in self-confidence.

  “It has made me realize that I can push farther; even when I feel like I’ve given 100 percent, I can give at least 10 percent more,” said Ammiah Grow.

  “The camp was awesome, and if anyone ever thinks about going, they should go,” said Zach Epperson.

Sophomore Walton Self crosses tree wires.
Sophomore Franklin Agee waits for the rope to cross.
Dyersburg and Dyer County High School sophomores participate in a trust exercise.

Photos by Steve Guttery

Rise Up Tour comes to Memphis

– Bay Wilson / Online Editor –

Wednesday night, October 26, the Rise Up Tour comes to Minglewood Hall in Memphis. The show will consist of four sets: The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire, Silverstein and Like Moths To Flames. The tour is sponsored by the bands’ record label Rise Records.

  The Devil Wears Prada is an American Christian metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio. They formed the band in 2005 and is composed of four members. The band has released five albums and two EPs.

  Memphis May Fire is a metalcore band originating in Dallas, Texas. The five member group’s album Unconditional reached No. 4 on the US Billboard 200 and atop the Alternative Albums chart.

  Silverstein is a 5 member Canadian post-hardcore band that formed in 2000. The band has sold over 1,000,000 albums worldwide.

  A guest on the tour is the four member band Like Moths to Flames. The band has released three albums and one extended play through Rise Records.

  The four bands have joined together for a tour lasting from October 11 to November 4. They will be playing at venues across North America. 

Excitement reigns in preparation for a night out at the concert.

Chinese class is back at DPS

– Abbey Alley / Reporter –

Mandarin Chinese class is now back at Dyersburg Primary School after a hiatus of two years. Shen Yang of Henan Province is teaching the class this year, and she plans to teach it for at least two more years.  

  “They all like Chinese, and I am so happy,” Yang said.

  In past years, the class was available to students at all four city schools. However, these classes were no longer offered in 2014.

  At Dyersburg Intermediate School and Dyersburg Middle School, students are no longer offered the enriching opportunity to learn another language from a young age.

  At Dyersburg High School, students who were given the opportunity to learn Mandarin in their younger years cannot further their education in Chinese and instead must take for Spanish, the only foreign language offered. Students at the high school are required to take a foreign language for two years, and many students who are forced to take Spanish speak Chinese but can not take it as a class due to its unavailability.

Many students may recognize the good luck charm hanging on the wall of Yang’s classroom, “fu”, from their Chinese classes in previous years.

Perhaps it is time to open the doors of the Chinese classroom to all of Dyersburg City Schools’ students again in order to promote diversity and provide additional useful tools for life after high school. 

Speechless for “Speechless”

– Mariah Webb / Reporter –

The promotional poster for “Speechless” which features the DeMeo family and J.J.’s aide Kenneth.

Speechless is a new comedy that recently premiered on ABC. Speechless is about the life of the Dimeo family. The show mainly focuses on the oldest son J.J., who has cerebral palsy, and how the family interacts with him and how they deal with his life as well as their own personal problems. The show begins after they move to a new area, because they have found a school that will provide J.J. with aide.

  One of the main characters is J.J.’s mother, Maya Dimeo. She is a very protective mother who would go above and beyond to protect her children and, often times, she does. In the first episode, the new school only has a ramp behind the school that was mainly used to take out the garbage at the school, so Maya has a heated discussion with the principal and decides to petition for a wheelchair ramp to be placed at the front entrance of the school.

  Personally, my favorite character is J.J. His mom says that his body may not work the same as other peoples, but he is all there upstairs. When he meets his new aide he says, “Dad, I hate this lady’s voice.”

  His father, Jimmy, responds by saying, “Me too, son.”

  J.J. and his family have a golden sense of humor and are always cracking jokes. This program shows that living with a disability is not as dark as people or the media make it out to be; it is just a different experience. It can be a struggle for J.J. at times, but his family does everything in their power to make his life as normal as possible.

   “‘Speechless’ is a good example of how a willingness to explore challenging topics, when united with crisp commercial instincts and warmhearted compassion, can produce admirable results,” said Maureen Ryan the Chief TV Critic at

  Speechless comes on on Wednesdays at 7:30 CST, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who needs a new comedy to watch this season.

Pink Week Pep Rally showcases seniors

– Madelyn Saye / Editor –

Last week was Pink Week at the high school where students participated in numerous activities to raise money and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. On Friday, October 21, it was also senior night at the football game. To honor the seniors and pink week, as well as excite students for the game, a pep rally was held.

  The pep rally started off with a cheer from the cheerleaders to excite the crowd. Once the cheer was over, the football team made there entertaining debut onto the gym floor. Following this was the recognition of all the seniors from the fall sports. Once the recognition was over, one of the most competitive aspects of the pep rally began, the battle cry.

  After all of these activities took place, the much anticipated senior dance began. The dance’s theme was Grease. The dancers dressed in poodle skirts, the cheerleaders in pink jackets and the football players in white t-shirts and denim. The dance began with the dancers dancing to “You’re The One That I Want”, then the cheerleaders took the stage dancing to “Grease Lighting”. Finally, the football players joined a dancer or cheerleader to finish the dance with “We Go Together” and “Born to Hand Jive”.

  “I really enjoyed all three teams working together and seeing everyone enjoy it,” senior dance team member Emilee Curtis said.



Photos by Bay Wilson

Cross country teams run at Best of the West

– Colin Isaacs / Reporter –

On Tuesday, October 18, DHS’s cross country teams traveled to Obion County for Best of the West. This week, the teams faced tough competition–many of the teams were also from out of their district. Known for being tough course, the Obion County meets test runners’ abilities.

The Best of the West meet in Obion County brings an overcast sky.
The high school cross country teams run 5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles.

  As the team stepped off the bus, they were greeted with an overcast sky and an 86 degree temperature. After the teams walked the course and stretched, it was time for the meet to begin.

  Although facing tough competition, both the Trojans and Lady Trojans Cross Country Teams ran a decent race. One of the hosts announced the top 10 teams and the top 20 individuals. The girls’ team received fifth place overall and the boys’ team picked up fourth place. Individual medalists include senior Sarah Emery, medaling ninth place, and junior Jacob Gill, medaling 13 place.

  “Finishing fourth overall today was a very good finish! [It’s] time to focus on regionals! You can do it,” coach Seela Newbill commented in an encouraging text to the boys’ team.

  Next week the teams will travel to Obion County again to compete at regionals. If they place well enough, they will advance to the state meet in early November.

Skillet releases new album “Unleashed”

– Jackson Millner / Reporter –

Skillet, a Christian rock band, released a new album which includes a hard-rock style that brings a well developed attitude toward their belief. Songs like “Back From the Dead” add a catchy rock tone that listeners love hearing. Other songs, like “Feel Invincible,” can set a tone for listeners for a dynamic track of building proportions. The song “Watching for Comets” is a song that is more introspective, but it can deliver a rock sound that listeners love. The songs in this album can tell how much Christians love their God and the unashamed adoration they have for him


  Skillet in the past has released several amazing albums that went platinum, and 2013’s “Rise” hit gold status. The album “Unleashed” only makes the band more successful and adds more of a new sound coming from the band. Skillet is known for their hard-rock genre of music, and this album only conveys that. Skillet is hoping that listeners can get a feeling of unashamed adoration and can rock out to their faith. The album was released on August 5, 2016. Shortly after the release, the band will be going on tour and showcasing the album to fans. The band is hoping that viewers will come out and rock to their new album.  


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