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March 2017

FFA wins state recognitions

– Aaron Stapleton / Reporter –

The Dyersburg FFA Chapter recently competed as well as recieved several individual awards at the Tennessee State FFA Convention. Two teams competed at convention after they advanced from their respective regional contests: Parliamentary Procedure and Conduct of a Chapter Meeting.

  The Conduct of a Chapter Meeting team, composed of freshmen Jacob Bell, Emily Escue, Parks Johnson, Olivia Keiser, Betsy Newbill and Erin Welch, competed on Sunday March 26. They received fifth place in the state.

Screen shot 2017-03-31 at 1.28.38 PM
The FFA Chapter poses for a photo preceding the first general session. This is the session that the Parliamentary Procedure won first in the state.   

Photo courtesy Patsy Peckenpaugh 

  The Parliamentary Procedure team composed of seniors Abby Adams, Ally Hawkins, Tauseef Nadeem, Aaron Stapleton, Taylor Welch and junior Rebecca Reed, also competed on Sunday March 26. They received first place in state and will represent the high school chapter as well as the state of Tennessee at National FFA Convention in October 2017.

  In addition to the teams, several seniors received their State FFA Degrees, which are a result of their work and dedication throughout his or her years in FFA. These members were seniors Adams, Breanna Elkins, Lana Howe and Stacie Nichols.

Men in makeup are now an internet “highlight”

– Abbey Alley / Reporter-

In recent months, there has been a rise in the popularity of personalities online who make videos of themselves doing their makeup; more specifically, and most controversially, a significant amount of these personalities have been men. These online personalities are also known as beauty gurus.

  Since the beginning of the beauty community’s rise on the internet, the symbolic title of beauty guru has nearly always been reserved for women, as this demographic is also the main audience of beauty related content on the internet. However, this enthusiasm among women for makeup related media has not been deterred by the newly pronounced male presence in the makeup industry; if anything, it has further intrigued many. The young women of today have shown that they are just as likely to watch a male beauty guru as they are to watch a female beauty guru.

  One factor that has contributed to the rise of men in makeup is the greater attention and acceptance paid to drag queens in modern popular culture.

  Many popular beauty gurus have recently adopted techniques that are usually reserved for drag makeup, which explains their extremity; they normally serve to carve more feminine features out of masculine ones.

  These techniques include baking, which is the application of huge amounts of translucent powder over areas highlighted with concealer; extreme highlighting and contouring, in which the applicant uses concealers lighter and darker than their natural skin tone to give the illusion of different bone structure; overlining, which is the lining of the lips outside of their natural boundaries and the use of glittery powder, known as highlight, to further define the face’s natural or manmade contours.

Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 1.38.44 PM
James Charles, a Covergirl partner, poses for a selfie. His look employs a heavy use of highlight and manmade freckles to give a hint of masculinity to this look. Unlike many of his peers, Charles is not wearing fake lashes.
Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 1.39.47 PM
Bretman Rock is shown “baking” his heavily contoured face. This selfie exemplifies the incorporation of drag makeup techniques into common practice. Here, contouring, baking, and fake lashes are put into play in Rock’s look.
Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 1.40.02 PM
Rock further blurs the line between feminine and masculine with his naturally bold brows, short hair, flower crown and ruby lips.
Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 1.39.10 PM
Patrick Simondac is shown with a face of full coverage makeup. This look uses highlight and false lashes to bring out Simondac’s more feminine features.
Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 1.39.23 PM
This is from a snapchat story, and it is a selfie Gutierrez and Simondac pose for a selfie. Both are wearing fake lashes and intense highlight coupled with a bold brow.
Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 1.39.38 PM
Gutierrez is shown with no makeup. As can be seen, his appearance without makeup is very traditionally masculine.

  Some of the most popular beauty gurus are currently men. Some examples include Manny Gutierrez (Manny MUA), Jeffree Star, Bretman Rock, James Charles and Patrick Simondac (Patrick Starrr). Gutierrez currently has 2,548,018 subscribers on YouTube, Star has 3,900,658, Rock has 1,338,690, Charles has 819,187 and Simondac has 2,129,412 subscribers.

  Charles recently became a Covergirl due to the extreme popularity of his makeup looks on the internet, much to the dismay of many proponents of traditional gender roles. With these changing times and the further acceptance of men in the makeup industry, it would only make sense for Covergirl to embrace men in makeup; after all, their established market already seems to.

  Star now has his own makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which came to be mostly due to his larger than life personality on social media as a beauty guru.

  Gutierrez has succeeded in collaborating with many major makeup brands, such as Ofra and Makeup Geek. He has also partnered with Maybelline New York, starring in a recent mascara commercial. Most recently, he has collaborated with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This collaboration will come out in April 2017.

  Simondac has collaborated with Formula X, a nail polish brand.

  All of the aforementioned men are members of the LGBT community and have defined their sexualities as being very fluid, which largely explains their bravery in challenging modern gender roles. The main difference in the male makeup artists of old and new is that the new generation is doing the makeup on themselves.

  In the past, male makeup artists were good at makeup, but they only did women’s makeup. However, nearly all new-age, male makeup artists wear the makeup themselves, and their step by step tutorials involve them putting makeup on their own faces. This has caused much controversy by strict proponents of gender roles everywhere, but nearly all male beauty gurus have been forced to develop a thick skin and remain relatively unbothered with their critics’ concerns about their new version of success.

  Many critics of the modern male beauty guru hold that makeup is an inherently feminine product and that male beauty gurus are “flaming” homosexuals. However, these “flames” are sending smoke signals to the world that indicate a new and more tolerant generation is coming. They give hope that a more creative and inclusive future for people of all artistic interests is just around the corner.

Beauty and the Beast takes moviegoers back to their childhood in re-make

– Madelyn Saye / Editor –

A tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast. On March 17, 2017, this Disney classic was retold in a live-action movie. Over the course of a week, children and teenagers who have grown up loving the film, as well as adults, flooded the theaters to see the film.

  The film was brought to life by director Bill Condon and starred Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The cast ensemble was a great fit for the live action film. Each actor and actress brought the character to life and even added their own flare to the character like Josh Gad who plays Lefou.

“I really liked the movie. I thought it was like the old one, but brought a new twist to it,” senior Claire Richards said.

  As the movie begins, the audience is given a more in-depth look at the Beast’s life before he was turned into the creature. Throughout the movie, the audience learns more about not only the Beast’s childhood, but also Belle’s childhood and her mother. These flashbacks bring more of an emotional aspect to the movie and allows the audience to understand why the characters are the way they are. There is also an addition of three new songs to the film. Most of these additional songs seemed to fit effortlessly in the film, but one, that is sung by the Beast, seemed a random and unnecessary.

  While there are additions to the film like the flashbacks, there were also some parts from the original film that were discarded or changed. One of the first changes that occurs is during the first song, “Belle” when the lyrics are changed. Unfortunately, the additional songs cause some of the original songs to be discarded which can be saddening to fans of the original film.

  However, while some aspects of the film were changed through additions or deletion, the movie overall stays true to the original Disney classic and can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages.

Unknown (1)
The film was directed by Bill Condon and stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans. It also includes Josh Gad, Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellan, Emma Thompson and more.
images (5)
In the first week of its premiere, the movie as made almost $500 million. Moviegoers of all ages have seen the live action remake of the Disney classic.

Trojan tennis makes good showing against Obion County

– Sara White / Reporter

On Thursday, March 16, the Dyersburg High School tennis team played Obion County High school. The game was held at Union City High School.

  The Trojan tennis team started the season with a win over Obion County.

  The players on the girls team who won were Gracie Liljenquist, Rachel Finley, Lauren Lutrell, Faith Sherrow, Kiley McIntire and Sara White. McIntire and Lutrell played doubles and won. Tessa Liljenquist and Finley played doubles together and beat their opponents.

  The players on the boys team who won were Michael Betonio, Nolan Burch, Addison Colvin and Ches Davis. Betonio and Burch played doubles together and won. Colvin and Davis each played singles and won. Obion County only had two players on its boys team.

  Fans were bundled up in blankets and players wore multiple layers. It was around 50 degrees the entire time. Trojan Tennis players are looking forward to warmer weather and more wins. Wyn Agee and Nicholas Colvin, top players for the boys team, came out to support their teammates in the cold.

“It was by far too cold to be playing tennis,” said senior Wyn Agee.

  The next game will be Monday, March 27 against Trinity Christian Academy in Jackson, Tennessee. Trojans have been looking forward to this match since last year’s loss for the girls team.

Trojan soccer defeats Obion County

-Cameron Buss / Reporter

Following Tuesday night’s district win over Milan, the Trojan soccer team secured another district win on Thursday night by defeating Obion County 11-0. This was the second regular season game for the Trojans, giving them a 2-0 season and district record. They hope to continue their undefeated season against Union City on Monday, March 20.

  The starting lineup for the Trojans included Edgar Gonzalez and Matt Pepito as forwards; Noah Watson, Aaron Stapleton, Logan Byars and Matt Staggs as midfielders; Jacob Stewart, Jonathan Click, Adrian Jones and Cole Jones as defenders and Elliott Walden as goalie.

  Gonzalez started the scoring for the Trojans by beating the opposing goalkeeper after only one minute and 31 seconds of play. Watson gave the assist to Gonzalez for that goal. Gonzalez went on to score two additional goals in the match. Freshman Cole Bevis scored two of the 11 goals. Watson, Byars, Stapleton, Pepito, Luke Schroeder and Coleman Self all scored one goal each throughout the course of the game.

  Watson was the team leader for assists in this game with three. Other players with assists were Jones, Gonzalez and Matt Staggs, all of whom had one assist each.

  “The biggest factor to our success was the way we moved the ball,”senior team captain Noah Watson said. “It helped us control the pace of the game and allowed us to score multiple team goals.” 

Trojan Drama wraps up the year

– Mariah Webb / Reporter –

Monday, March 13 was the final showing of the Trojan Drama production of You Can’t Take It With You. The story follows Alice Vanderholf (Makayla Allen), who falls in love with a classy man named Tony (Dylan Argo), but she is scared to bring him into her world because of her wacky family.

  The Vanderholfs may be a little eccentric to say the least. The family is made up of Essie (Mekayla Geary), who strives to be a ballerina; Ed (Tauseef Nadeem), her husband, who has a passion for printing and can almost play the xylophone; Penny (M.K. Alford), the mother who has been working on the same plays for the past eight years, Paul the father who makes fireworks in the basement (Keller Welch) and Alice, who just wishes she had a normal family.

  When Alice falls in love with Tony Kirby, Jr., the vice president of the office she works in, he comes over and meets the Vanderholfs and all they have to offer. In addition to the Vanderholfs, he also meets Donna (Amber Taylor); Reba (Sara Owens); Essie’s ballet teacher, Kolenkov (Amelia Kirby) and DePinna (Ally Hawkins).

  The show concluded with a senior skit, in which all the seniors in drama told what they learned throughout their years in high school. It was a very emotional night for the seniors because this was the last play of the year, and the skit was a reflection on their time in high school.

Freshman field testing

– Emmalynn VanDyke / Reporter –

On March 15, high school students across the state took a field test. This is a state test that helps set the English standards for the following school year. All freshmen were required to take the test as practice for the TNReady tests they will take, starting in April.

  “I feel like the field test could incorporate more multiple choice questions. It seems as if it was too easy to be good preparation for the EOC,” freshman Lauren Brasfield said.

  “It was nice to have a practice run,” freshman Chealsea Binkley said.

  Students went about taking the test in different ways. Some students were glad to get the extra practice while some just hated the idea of taking another state test. Teachers seemed to encourage the idea of extra practice.

  “It gives them a chance to practice, and any practice is great,” English teacher Laurel Hanna.

  The teachers are given standards to teach their students each year. Depending on how the students perform on the state tests they take, their path may change over the years. If students perform poorly, they will possibly be changed from an advanced class to a regular class, or if the students perform well, they may be moved from a regular class to an advanced level class.   “We do need to prepare students for different writing strategies and prompts. There is never enough time to teach all expected standards to mastery level,” English teacher Cathy Pence said.

  Depending on how students do on the state testing, his or her classes could be rearranged to meet the level of difficulty that they are expected to master, solely based on their performance on the test.

  When asked how they felt about students being placed in a class primarily because of their performance on a state test, Hanna and Pence said they did not agree with this decision.

  “What happens if you’re having a bad test day? What if you understand everything else in class, except the one thing you were testing over? Students should be placed based on grades and work ethic,” Hanna said.

  “No one test should determine student placement,” Pence said. “Daily performance and test performance must be analyzed.”

Trojans stomp the Bulldogs

– Taylor Welch Editor –

The Trojan soccer team played the Milan Bulldogs in their first district game of the season. Senior Coleman Self put the Trojans on the scoreboard within a few minutes of the first half.

  Seniors Aaron Stapleton, Noah Watson and Edgar Gonzales added three more goals to the score. The Trojans finished the first half of the game with a score of 4-0.

   After the start of the second half of the game, Stapleton andr Gonzales and junior Logan Byars scored for the Trojans. The team won the game with a score of 7-1.

  “Last nights game was a good starting point for the team because it gave us some real game time with our real formation,” sophomore Matt Staggs said.

   Unfortunately, the weather was not well suited for a soccer game;however, that did not stop the many loyal Trojan fans from coming. Spectators sat in temperatures as low as 33 degrees that eventually produced snow.

   The Trojans’ next game will be played at 6:30 Thursday night against the Obion Central Rebels.image1

Trump’s budget slices ‘n’ dices government

– Tauseef Nadeem Editor –

President Donald Trump has proposed a budget that, if enacted, would greatly decrease the size of the federal government. It will cut down the employment and spending of the federal government in all areas except the military and homeland security.

  Trump’s budget recommendation would essentially decrease the role of the government in the lives of the people and grant private companies a larger influence.

  The new budget would inflict a heavy blow to Washington, D.C. According to Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics, the budget will reduce employment in the capital by 1.8%, personal income by 3.5% and home prices by 1.9%.

  Trump is not changing the fixed spending that funds Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, poverty assistance and interest payments on the government debt. However, he plans to affect the discretionary spending that supports housing, foreign assistance, environmental programs, public broadcasting and research.

  The new budget is predicted to cut the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s budget by 14%, the Commerce Department’s budget by approximately 18% and the Environmental Protection Agency’s staff by approximately 20%.

  Trump wants to increase military spending by 54 billion dollars and garner money to build the wall on the border between the United States and Mexico.

  “Although it makes sense to increase the military budget because of terror, you can’t sacrifice so much from everything else,” senior Matt Pepito said. “Balance is key.”

  Since the president has not yet formally proposed the budget, and the Congress has not passed it, the projected budget is tentative. The Democrats in the Congress are very likely to oppose Trump’s proposed budget because of its conservative qualities.

Screen shot 2017-03-13 at 1.49.27 PM
Trump’s budget proposition is expected to reduce employment in Washington, D.C., by 1.8%, personal income by 3.5% and home prices by 1.9%.



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