– Mariah Webb / Reporter –

7:54 AM and 7:58 AM. There is only a four minute difference between these two points in time, but for a high school student, those minutes are crucial. Those four minutes are the difference between getting to class on time and a dead sprint up the stairs praying that you get there in time. Those four minutes are just enough time to swing by a locker before first period.

  Most students know that the doors to the East Entrance now open four minutes later than they did just a few weeks ago. One may wonder why this is. It has been said that students would loiter near the East Entrance before school began to avoid being seen by administration. Many have not noticed this problem, and usually would only see a group of people gathering at around 7:52 waiting for the doors to open a few minutes later.

  This change has angered many students. For some, in the time it takes to leave their car, walk to the gym entrance, and make it to the East Entrance the extra time has already passed, and it is now 7:58. So why make the trek to the gym entrance when you can just wait for the door to open?

  Could there be an alternative solution to this problem? There are already teachers stationed at the gym entrance every morning; why can’t we station teachers at the East Entrance before school starts? This is another example of how the few can ruin things for the masses.