– Rebecca Reed / Features Section Editor –

With only four weeks left in school, each returning student’s schedule has been made for the 2017-18 school year. Along with these daunting classes comes the load of summer work, and each student does unto them the worst mistake―procrastinating.

  Summer is a detox for everyone, but it is crucial to balance fun and work throughout the summer so you are not left with an impossible workload the week before school.

  “Do not wait until the last minute, meaning the last two weeks of summer. Speaking from a personal experience, it is possible to read three books and do a cumulative of nine essays within the two weeks, but you will be running on zero sleep, and then you will also have the stress of going back to school. We all procrastinate, it is just part of all of us, but we have the power to choose what we procrastinate on and summer work should not be one of them,” sophomore Sydney Bevis said.

  Students can use their peers for advice when it comes to managing their time over the summer: including fellow classmates and teachers. Every student has a wide variety of information to tap into.

  “Summer should be a time for relaxing. We all must take some time to relax and let the stress go away or else we will get burned out and/or physically sick. I have never given any summer work (other than perhaps ordering text, etc.) because I want students fresh and ready when August comes. However, if you have assignments, estimate how long they will take, add 20% extra time, then set that time aside and guard it religiously. Have fun the rest of the time,” science teacher Guy Maxwell said.

  Any assignment can seem like too much considering everyone went through eight grades without any summer work. The shock of high school is scary for most, but with tips from friends, family and teachers the transition can be made seamlessly.

  “If you believe an assignment will take about 15-18 hours to complete, then plan out about 26-30 hours and set them aside to do it,” Maxwell said.

  Students should take the advice and personal experiences from their peers to heart. Everyone has procrastinated one time or another, but with the right time management from the beginning of summer, every student is guaranteed a fun, relaxing break.