Sara White – Reporter

On Tuesday, August 8, Dyersburg High School hosted the community football hamburger supper. People from all over the community came together to support the upcoming football season.

  The supper started at 6 p.m. and ended around 7:30 p.m.

  Charles Dawson began the night with speaking about how supportive the community is of Trojan football. Dawson talked about how people in the community ask him year-round about how the football season will go.

  Senior football player Miller Edgin gave the invocation as people in attendance bowed their heads. After the prayer, everyone was directed to get his or her food. DHS served hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit, chips, baked beans and desserts.

  Attendees ate for around 30 minutes.

  After socializing and eating, members of the cheer team, dance team, band and football team were introduced. Following this, head coach, Bart Stowe, talked about spring season, summer workouts, football camp, the new 4A classification and the upcoming season.

  Stowe then introduced Ross Maldonado, who talked about the concussion protocol. Next, LeeAnn Bradonberry F.N.P. spoke about how their team is there for injured students five days a week.

  Blake Clark spoke on behalf of the football booster club to speak about what they do for the team throughout the season and how they could use monetary support through fundraising.

  For the closing, Charles Dawson spoke again and got the crowd excited for the upcoming season.

“It got me ready for football season!” said junior dancer Annie Porter.