Rebecca Reed – Editor

At Dyersburg High School, class ranking is sorted through the Trojan Scholars program. This is based on a point system calculated using a student’s ACT score and grade point average (GPA).

  The points are calculated through the following formula:

(ACT x 27.7777) + (weighted GPA x 250) = Trojan Scholar Points.

  In previous years, DHS required 1700 points for students to qualify as a Trojan Scholar. The class of 2017 had 35 Trojan Scholars.

  “What we did in the past was set the bar at 1700 in 2009. Over the years, we had an increasing number of students achieve that benchmark,” Principal Kim Worley said.

   The student who earns the most points throughout his or her four years of high school is the valedictorian. Salutatorians are students who score above or beyond 1777 points and meet all four college readiness benchmarks on the ACT.

  The ACT college readiness benchmarks are an English score of 18, a Reading score of 21, a Mathematics score of 22 and a Science score of 24.

  Students that earn 1777 points and above are considered to have achieved the highest academic recognition. 1777 points make up 89% of the maximum points a student can earn under this program.

  A student’s highest ACT composite score is used for the calculation. The formula

does not use superscores.

  “My hopes are that anytime that we increase the bar–the benchmark–that our students will achieve that benchmark,” Worley said, “We hope that by increasing the benchmark we will have an increasing number in achieving the new benchmark. As more students achieve this benchmark, we will continue to raise the bar.”