The migration route the total solar eclipse will take in the United States ranges from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.The middle line represents the view for totality, while the outer lines represent a partial eclipse.

Parker Millner – Reporter

This year the United States will play host to the upcoming solar eclipse, and people from around the world will come to the states to see this event. On August 21, 2017 the first total solar eclipse since February 26, 1979 will occur in the United States.

  A solar eclipse occurs every 18 months and this is the first time that it will be in the states since June 8,1918.  This eclipse will pass through the U.S. entering through Lincoln Beach, Oregon and span across the entire contiguous U.S., ending at Charlestown, South Carolina.

  Although the eclipse is a sight to see, do not look at the solar eclipse without certified solar eclipse glasses. The only time it is not harmful to look at the eclipse is when the moon is totally covering the sun, which is called totality. Looking at the eclipse without proper solar eclipse glasses will cause damage to the naked eye.

  The eclipse first covers Tennessee in Clarksville, and then migrates to Springfield, Portland, Westmoreland and Nashville. Residents in Dyersburg will only be seeing a partial eclipse, which can only be viewed with the glasses. For the upcoming years in the United States more eclipses will occur within a 35 year period, but no other will be from sea to sea.