Olivia Hayes –Reporter

The Lady Trojan soccer season is approaching quickly. The team is adapting to changes occurring within the team. They must become accustomed to the new freshmen players and anyone who may not have played on the team before, and recover from the recent losses of the seniors that graduated back in May. To push past these obstacles, the soccer team has been conditioning all summer for the upcoming season.

  “I feel like all of our work is going to pay off and we’re going to do great this season,” Junior Right Defender Lanie McAlister said.

 The team expresses their feelings concerning the new team members. Many of the soccer team’s veterans have positive things to say about the new players, including their helpfulness, skills and encouragement.

  “Their attitudes and hard work really contribute to the success of our team,” Junior forward Meredith Kerber said.

  “The team definitely is accustomed to the new players. We are all one big family,” Senior center back Carlee Jones said.

  When bringing up the recent loss of the 2017 graduating seniors, the players expressed their sorrow. However, instead of dwelling on their losses, the members seized the moment to motivate themselves to work harder at being the team they want to be.

  “The loss of the seniors greatly affected our team, almost as if we all lost a part of ourselves. But the freshmen and new players came in and quickly filled the roles needed to help the team out,” Jones said.

  The team as a whole expects a great season ahead of them. The Lady Trojans have already proven themselves of their hard work with their first win over Milan on Tuesday, August 15 and continue to work hard at practices.

Lanie McAlister dribbles the ball during soccer practice on August 14. The Lady Trojans played their first game on Tuesday, August 15 against Milan, winning 8-0.