Mary Beth Gentry – Reporter

Ross United Methodist Church hosted the annual football kickoff dinner on Tuesday, August 15.  This is the fourth year that the church has hosted the event for the football coaches, players, dancers and cheerleaders of Dyersburg High School.

  Rev. James Luvene of Ross United Methodist Church began the dinner by welcoming everyone who attended, and Rev. Gary Meade gave the invocation. Mayor John Holden gave words of encouragement to the football team, dance team and cheer team.

   The main speaker of the night was Brandon Shields, who is the sports editor and lead high school writer for The Jackson Sun. Football coach Bart Stowe then briefly spoke about his expectations for the upcoming season and thanked everyone who made the dinner possible. Rev. Bill Revell then blessed the food.

  After the speaking ended, guests were served dinner. Dancers and cheerleaders served food and drink to coaches, speakers and football players. The dinner consisted of fried catfish, spaghetti, beans, hushpuppies, coleslaw, a roll and dessert. The members of Ross United Methodist provided all the food served.

   “I think that the kickoff dinner is a great start to the football season. Ross United Methodist Church has opened their doors to the football players, cheerleaders and dancers for the past four years. It’s great motivation for the first game,” junior dancer Whitby Holden said.