Studies show that homework causes stress in students. 

Trey Johnson – Reporter

Homework is a big part of any student’s life. Homework is assigned everyday to students across the nation. The intention is to help students with what they are studying and to help them practice study skills in general. But what does homework actually do for students?

  The largest and most conclusive study of homework and academic achievement to date is a 2006 study by psychology professor Harris Cooper. The study analyzed data collected from 1987 to 2003. Cooper correlated academic success to doing homework in middle school and high school but found no strong correlation in elementary school.

  Cooper’s study also found that homework can cause negative effects on both mental and physical health. These include emotional fatigue and  negative attitudes towards school. In addition, a survey conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Education found 56% of students identified homework as the primary or secondary source of their stress. The study also found that students may develop health problems and lose time on social interaction.

  These results are not concrete. Cooper and many other scientists have recommended that more research be conducted to gain more solid information on this subject.