Alveena Nadeem – Reporter


Every Tuesday at 3:15 in Dyersburg High School, students participate in Model UN and take the role of delegates, acting to resolve global problems. This club is led by English teacher TJ VanDyke and AP Government teacher Mark Stenberg, who help the students gain skills in public speaking, researching and being creative.

  Model United Nations Club is an international opportunity for high school, middle school, and college students to address global issues. Students select a country they want to improve and propose a solution directed at the core of its problems.

  After the students have formed a strong resolution to benefit their assigned country, they participate in a convention with realistic conferences. There, they debate, negotiate and discuss their resolutions with other students from a variety of places.

  These conferences are not limited to imitations of Model UN meetings, but are also simulations of the General Assembly and Security Council. Model UN Club helps students gain knowledge about many countries and explore the social and political events taking place globally.

  Although only students participate in this activity, the skills they gain remain with them throughout the rest of their lives. They learn how to delegate effectively, support a claim with facts and develop many other skills which can help them through their future careers or goals.

  VanDyke said, “I think that students are able to work more independently as well as in a group to academically accomplish things that benefit them without those things being tied to grades.”