Sara Clifft – Reporter

unnamed-3.jpgThe DHS cheerleaders encouraged a Trojan win.
The DHS student section showed their support for the Trojans.
The DHS Trojans storm the field to kickoff the season with the annual football jamboree.
Photos by Sarah McLaughlin


August 11 marked the beginning of the 2017 DHS football season. The night kicked off with Crockett County beating Munford 14-0. In the second game of the night, Brighton squeezed in a win against Obion County Central with a score of 7-6. Game three was a close one with Haywood winning against Union City 15-14. The final and most anticipated game of the night, the Trojans versus the Covington Chargers, ended with the Trojans defeating Covington 14-7, with Junior running back Daniel Gates scoring the winning touchdown in the last two seconds.

  “It was fun and it worked out the way we planned – everybody got to play,” Dyersburg head coach Bart Stowe said in an interview with the State Gazette.

  “I was really proud of the boys and it’s been a long time since we’ve won a jamboree game here. I believe we’re on track.” Stowe said. With the jamboree over, the Trojans now turn to the new season.

  “We know we’ve got to keep getting better and we’re a young team,” Stowe said.

  The official DHS football season begins on August 18 with the Trojans taking on MLK-Prep in J.C. Sawyers Stadium.