Jackson Millner  – Reporter

The bee population has been decreasing for the past few years, and people are starting to take notice. Beekeepers from around the area have noticed the sudden decrease when studying their farms. The honey decline is a major reason why beekeepers are noticing this decrease. Why the sudden decrease?

A possible contributing factor to the changes are pesticides surrounding the bees. Environmental groups have expressed deep concern about the 90 percent decline during the past two decades in the population of pollinators, including wild bees and monarch butterflies. Pesticide manufacturers argue that their products contribute in a minor way to the population trend. Even though pesticide is said to have little effect, the population is decreasing because of some unknown factor and pesticides could be a major reason.

To save the bee population, people have begun new practices in their daily lives such as planting bee-friendly plants, not using chemicals on plants and not removing all weeds. The reason people are trying to save bees is because they are a major pollinator. They help grow speciality crops like almonds, berries, fruits and vegetables all of which are important foods in the daily lives of humans.