Mary Beth Gentry – Reporter


Hurricane Harvey has devastated large areas along the Texas Gulf Coast. This tropical storm has destroyed an estimated 100,000 homes, and that number continues to rise. As of September 4, 50 people have lost their lives to Harvey, and hundreds are still missing.

  Hurricane Harvey began near the Caribbean Sea on August 18, and was categorized as a tropical depression on August 23. The storm strengthened as it made its way across the Gulf and moved towards Texas. Before making landfall, Harvey developed from a tropical depression to a category four hurricane.

  Harvey made landfall near Corpus Christi, Texas, on the night of August 25. The storm then moved approximately 210 miles along the Texas coast until it hit Houston later that night. Harvey stalled over southeast Texas from August 26 to August 30, causing catastrophic flooding.

  Houston, Texas, is the country’s fourth largest city by population, with a census reaching upwards of 2,300,000 people. An estimated 136,000 structures in Houston were destroyed due to flooding caused by Harvey. There are approximately 45 shelters in the Houston area. Together, they house about 17,000 people who were affected by the flood.

  100,000 homes have been destroyed by Harvey. At least 2 million vehicles have been destroyed. 50 people in southeast Texas have died, and many remain missing. Estimated costs for Harvey hit upwards of approximately $108 billion.

  People all around the United States can help those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Many businesses, including Wal-Mart, allow people to make donations directed to Harvey relief. People can even give by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to those affected by Harvey.

  People in Dyersburg can help by the methods previously stated, or at the Dyer County Fair during the week of September 4. During fair week, members of Dyersburg High School BETA Club will be volunteering at the Civitan Booth at the fair. At the booth, volunteers will be collecting donations for those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.