Jackson Millner – Reporter

The Dyersburg Trojan volleyball team played against Obion County Tuesday night in a regular season game. This is the first game between these two teams and each one was hoping for a win.

  The varsity game began at six o’clock and the starting lineup included seniors Emma-Anne Boatright, Cassandra Swift and Faith Sherrow. Juniors were Carly Weeks and Shelby Hopper. Sophomores were Kelsie Johnson and Rachel Finley.

    The Trojans won the first set by 11 points with a score of 25-14. In the second set, the Trojans grabbed a 20-9 lead and ended the set 25-11. The Trojans won the third set by nine points. The score of the third set was 25-16. All three sets brought together a strong victory for Trojan volleyball.

  “Last night we had a great win against Obion. We all came together and played well as a team which is what we’ve been working towards since the season began,” junior Maggie McLaurin said, “We’re hoping to continue the success and bring home more wins for the Trojans.”