Rebecca Reed – Editor

This infographic provided by user, billytrail shows just how much litter clusters this planet and which trash is the most abundant.
In a span of 80 meters, this entire garbage bag was filled with litter. People often throw their garbage out of their vehicles onto the sides of roads cluttering Dyersburg with trash. 


This weekend I along with a friend were having a fun time shopping. On the way to drop my friend off, we saw so much trash on the side of the roads. Grabbing a trash bag, we went back to pick it up.

  In a span of about 80 meters we filled an entire garbage bag. We found beer cans (which opens up the whole “do not drink and drive” issue), styrofoam, napkins, food wrappers and cigarette butts.

  To clean up all of this trash, $11.5 billion dollars are spent each year, according to a fact sheet provided by Lansing Community College. Nine billion tons of litter are dumped into the ocean every year. Eight million tons of plastic alone make up that nine billion dumped in oceans according to National Geographic.

  Littering is illegal. Tennessee has about 5,100 pieces of litter per mile on urban highways. Section 39-14-503 of the Tennessee Criminal Littering Law states that any litter five pounds or less will result in a $50 ticket. Do you need to pay $50 or wait until you get an available trash can?

  “If you litter, you are a quitter,” senior Jayla Yander said.

  Most people have access to trash cans. They are available at the park, people’s houses, our school, churches etc. So next time you have some trash, an easy way to remember where you should put it is that it has trash in the name–a trash can.