Olivia Hayes – Reporter

The DHS Drama club has just begun preparing for its upcoming production of Project Murder. Play auditions, which were held on August 24, left auditioners anxious for the results. After twelve nerve-wracking days of waiting, the roles for the play were announced on September 5. There were 20 spots filled by nine seniors, two sophomores, one junior, and eight freshmen.

  Even though there have only been a few rehearsals so far, cast members already have high expectations for the upcoming performance.

  “I am actually VERY excited for this play! It’s probably the funniest one yet. We’ve only just started rehearsals and everyone is already working their butts off!” junior Hannah McDaniel said.

  A factor that surprised many of those who had been a part of drama club before was the number of freshmen that had a particular interest in theatre. Nonetheless, the club embraced the underclassmen with open arms.

  “I was so shocked to see that a ton of freshmen had auditioned. Usually, we have at least two or three. Among those freshmen are boys which is almost rare for us. This turnout is amazing and I’m glad to say that the freshmen instantly became good friends with everyone!” McDaniel said.

  To say the least, the new underclassmen in theatre arts accepted the club’s welcoming. For never having experienced DHS Drama before, many took the risk of trying something new and getting a feel for it.

  “Because this is my first high school performance, I feel very excited and slightly nervous for this experience. I feel most, if not all, the other freshmen feel the same,” freshman Caroline Gentry said.

  Throughout the years, Drama loses many actors and actresses who graduated that once played a role in the club. However, the club takes the loss of loved graduates to include new members and start new relationships with newcomers. They also welcome back graduates who visit because they missed being a part of the drama “family.”

  “Drama hasn’t changed much at all. We’re still a huge happy family who continues to accept newcomers and still leave a special place here for those who graduated,” McDaniel said.

  With excitement, anxiousness and a fun time kept in mind, the Trojan Drama Club continues to rehearse for Project Murder and plans for the production to be performed on November 9-13.