Parker Millner – Reporter

The fair is a unique experience with different aspects making it stand alone when compared. The greasy foods and powdery desserts are a classic thought when picturing the fair’s festivities.

  The carnival games such as bottle toss and winning a fish are crafty ways to accompany the main attractions which are the rides.

  Ranging from roller coasters and “the Zipper”, polar opposites when discerning the fair attractions, both equally contribute to the overall  excitement that is acquainted with the fair.

  Many would argue their favorite aspect of the fair whether it is going for just the food alone or for the rides,

   “My favorite part of the fair is the food, and everytime I go I insist on getting a chicken on a stick and ribbon fries,” Freshman Madelyn Stowe said.

  Some would agree that the fair is an all-to-itself type of experience with none other offering similar activities. This is part of the reason why many people attend the fair every year, and also why some go every day of the week. Overall, the Fair is an interesting activity worth experiencing.

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