Kesha released her first single “Praying” in four years. The above image provided as a hint to the album title–Rainbow.

Rebecca Reed – Editor

Every time you go on social media, go to the store or even just turn on the TV, you are probably greeted with some form of gossip. Thanks to the numerous outlets provided to us in the twenty-first century, gossip is hard to avoid.

  Lately, a lot of new music has been released. Some songs have been the usual revenge song, calling out someone who wronged the singer in the past. One album that broke the mold, changing the music industry–Kesha’s Rainbow.

  It is no secret that Kesha went through a hard time during the past three years. In October 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Lukasz Gottwald, the man who, at one time, was in charge of Kemosabe Records, according to The Telegraph. In this lawsuit, she claimed that Gottwald raped her.

  The Telegraph draws out the timeline, showing that after this case Gottwald counter-sued Kesha for defamation. Finally, in February 2015, Kesha filed an injunction request to allow her to stop working with Gottwald. A year later, this request was denied.

  After dealing with three years of legal battles, Kesha released her first single in four years–“Praying.” This song is shocking for her. She had produced iconic dance pop music; now, she released an empowering single encouraging listeners that they are more than the misery their haters have put them through. She changed her own name from Ke$ha to Kesha, a small detail, but a huge deal.

  This single bleeds self love. “I am proud of who I am,” is sung out, despite the hundreds of comments Kesha has suffered through during her legal battles. After three years of being told no, that she was making up stories, that she was nothing more than a name for a music producer, she produced Rainbow.

  Speaking as a 17 year old, there is plenty that I could hate about myself. I have had my fair share of bullying, and I have said things I regret. This album was the slap in the face that I needed to realize that those mistakes and comments are not what make me me.

  “Had a boogie man under my bed, putting crazy thoughts in my head. Always whispering, ‘It’s all your fault,’” are lyrics in “Learn to Let Go,” another song on the album that symbolizes Kesha letting go of her past demons. She is pleading with us to forgive those who have wronged us. She did, and she produced the best album of her career.

  Rainbow is an entirely new sound for Kesha. It is an entirely new type of music, and it is refreshing. As an avid listener of new music, I am disappointed at the pettiness that plagues current hits. Then, I listened to Rainbow and was shocked. This music that she produced does not only allow her to grow but also empowers her listeners to follow suit.

  Too often do we all go for the somewhat interesting gossip. I fall victim to this too, but it is time to stop spilling the tea. There will continue to be people who hurt us in our lives, but we are worth more than that. We need to embrace who we are, scars and all, because as the anthem “Rainbow” says, “Our scars make us who we are.”