Emmalynn VanDyke – Section Editor

The damage that occurred in places, due to bad weather, may limit people in their traveling.

Three hurricanes have hit the United States, and a major earthquake has struck Mexico — all within the past month. Dyersburg residents may not experience the direct effects of these natural disasters, but many will feel the impact when it comes to upcoming travel plans.  These recent events may impact people’s travel plans for fall break. People who were planning to travel to impacted areas may need to reevaluate those plans and make some adjustments.

  Category four Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 25, 2017. It has been labeled one of the costliest, most damaging natural disasters to hit the U.S. Shortly after that, category four hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean and Florida, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Finally, category four Hurricane Maria made her way through Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean.

  While Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, did close temporarily as the storms hit, it reopened within two days. Damage to the theme park was minimal, so vacation goers can rest easily knowing that they will not have to make new travel arrangements.

  Along with the hurricanes, earthquakes in Mexico have caused additional damage. Some areas are not currently available for tourists to visit because of this. Many who have cruises planned for fall break may find themselves visiting an alternate location.

  The effects of these natural disasters have been far reaching, going beyond the physical effects caused in immediate locations. To avoid the inconvenience of delays and last minute changes, fall break travelers should plan ahead in making new arrangements.