Steelers offensive tackle, Alejandro Villanería, comes out of the tunnel from the rest of the team to support the National Anthem.

Sydney Bevis  – Reporter

How do you continue to fight for a country that does not even have the decency to literally stand up for what you are fighting for?

   Men and women from every background do two things… watch sports and support our country. These days, however, it seems that you can only participate in one.

  National Football League players are taking a stand, a knee rather, in protest of President Trump’s comments on Twitter by not participating in the National Anthem.

  This trend of taking a knee started last season by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s reasoning behind taking a knee: America is oppressing people of the African American race.

  Now, however, it is not as much about the oppression as it is about protesting President Trump and the comments he made on Twitter about how any player who does not participate in the anthem should be fired.

  Players are kneeling, sitting in the locker room and a number of other things besides standing toward the flag with their right hand over their heart, like we have all been taught is the respectful thing to do.

  These men deciding to exercise their first amendment right to not participate in the National Anthem is completely acceptable. Yet every moment an American citizen is giving up his or her life to fight for these men to even be able to play this sport.

  “I believe that NFL players have the constitutional right to not participate in the National Anthem. Although it may seem like they are disrespecting our country, I believe they are only trying to bring attention to a problem that they believe in,” junior Michael Betonio said.

  The real issue is that the players choosing not to participate in the anthem are not doing anything but getting the media’s attention. They do nothing to help make the issue of oppresion, that they are supposedly kneeling for, less of one. It is as if they believe the only thing they have to do is get the attention of others and nothing else.

  As a soldier, how would you continue to have the mindset to fight for this country when the people who you are fighting for are looking up and following people who do not even respect our country enough to stand up for the National Anthem?

Denver Broncos stand and kneel while the National Anthem is being played.