Sara Clifft – Reporter

On September 26, senior Blake Mendoza, a valued member of the football team, was awarded Player of the Week.

  In the game against the North Side Indians, Mendoza helped bring home the win, scoring two touchdowns in the first half, earning him the title Player of the Week.

  Mendoza credits his accomplishment to the amount of work he puts in prior to the games.

  “I watch a lot of film, and coach just tried to prepare me and play me at any position he can and give me the ball and let me make a play on the field,” Mendoza said in an interview with WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News.

  Head coach Bart Stowe uses Mendoza’s talent to his advantage, moving him anywhere he’s needed on the field.

  “He’s a vital part of it, you know we try to move him around and get him the ball in different places each ball game,” Stowe said.

  Mendoza does not mind moving around as long as he can help his team take home the win.

  “I think it’s very important to the team, because the more positions I think I can play and help the team, the better off we’ll be,” Mendoza said.

  Next week, Mendoza and the Trojans will take on the Bolivar Central Tigers at JC Sawyers Stadium.