Dakota Turnbo Reporter

Olivia Holt’s single ‘Generous” is a very catchy tune!

Olivia Holt went from Kickin’ It with her co-stars on Disney XD to feeling Generous.

  Her latest single is a catchy pop song that can stay with the listener much longer than I would like to admit. It has a chorus that is pretty difficult to get out of your head since it is constantly repeated, but not to the point that it is annoying.

  The beat and lyrics are consistent and go well with her voice. They match in such a good manner and both keep the listener’s desire to dance.

   She intelligently uses common techniques such as repetition and rhyming that countless artists use today. They actually mix in this case which is how she made the song so catchy.

  She also started the song with one of the only verses in the song which was clever. It keeps the audience guessing while also giving them something they will not see for the rest of the song.  

  The song is fairly seductive and not something that is expected from a former Disney star, but in that sense, it is perfectly fine since it is refreshing. It is pretty bold of her to do this because it will put some distance between her and Disney, which can be appreciated.

  She wants to make a statement to the world while also making good music for the world to enjoy, and it looks like she has accomplished just that with Generous.