Mariah Webb – Section Editor

“Baby what’s the problem? I got a million ways that I could solve ‘em.”

  There is not a problem with Saving Forever’s latest song “Million Ways.” It is extremely catchy, and the first time I listened to it I found myself bobbing my head to the beat. The bass riff that starts the song led me to expect a completely different song, but I was surprised. The lead singer’s voice gave the song a pop vibe that I did not expect from a band called Saving Forever.

  The name Saving Forever makes me think of me when I would listen to All Time Low in like the sixth grade, and, honestly, I was expecting something similar, but when I opened the video I was met with something completely unexpected.

  Like I said, the song is very catchy, but I cannot decide if I like it or not. It is definitely not my new favorite song, but I would not mind if it played on the radio. I think that this song would better suit a younger audience, but at the same time, pop music is not really my favorite genre, but it was when I was younger.

  “Million Ways” is not a bad song, but I am not going to listen to it everyday.

Saving Forever