Mariah Webb – Section Editor

Grace Vanderwaal is an up and coming artist who rose to fame after a video of her singing on America’s Got Talent went viral on multiple social media platforms. She eventually went on to win the 11th season of America’s Got Talent.

  Vanderwaal has recently released her first full length album called Just the Beginning. The album has an indie feel to it. Her voice is very raspy, but the way she yells her most powerful phrases adds character to the songs.

  Her first single from the album, “Moonlight,” might have been my least favorite. I am not sure what it was about it, but I just was not feeling it. It may have been the fact that she started the album with that particular song. I just could not grasp onto the idea she was trying to convey. Maybe I am just shallow, and I understand that the girl is sad, but I do not get how they were dancing in the moonlight.

  However, I really enjoyed her happier songs like “More Than This,” “Escape My Mind,” and “Just a Crush.”  I think that the happiest tone better fits her. She is young, and I do not think her heavier songs fit her. Although, she does have a mature voice, she does not know how to use it, and the ones listed are happy and better suited her voice.

  Overall, I enjoyed the album. It was not something that I would listen to again though. It is just not a style that I am into.