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May 2018

Soccer team celebrates Senior Night

Mariah Webb Design Editor

Photos: Sarah McLaughlin 

The Dyersburg High School Trojan soccer team recognized the seniors at the district game on Tuesday night. They took on Obion County and won the game 7-1. The seniors recognized were Cameron Buss, Chance Stepp, Zane Morgan, Logan Byars, Daniel Gutierrez and Jayvin Brasfield. All six of their achievements from throughout high school as well as their plans after high school were shared with those in attendance. The Trojans then went on to beat the Crockett County Cavaliers on Thursday 2-0 for the district championship.

We are the Champions

Sydney Bevis reporter

On Tuesday, May 9, the Lady Trojan softball team beat the Crockett County Cavaliers 8-7 in the district championship. This win allows the Lady Trojans to play at home in the region opener on Monday, May 14.


Appreciate teachers

Sara Clifft Reporter

The week of May 7 through 11 marks the beginning of National Teacher Appreciation Week.

  “Our teachers are really important because they open us up to our possibilities and our future,” freshman Desiree Smith said.

  Within the week is National Teacher Appreciation Day, which falls on May 8.

  In many states, businesses are offering teachers discounts on their products. For example, Chipotle is offering teachers, faculty and other staff with a valid school ID a buy-one-get-one free offer from 3 PM to close Tuesday on burritos, salads and tacos.

  National Teacher Appreciation Week came into existence when the National Education Association (NEA) adopted it formally during its 1985 Representative Assembly. They also voted that the Tuesday of that week would be National Teacher Appreciation Day.

  This year, the NEA is launching a campaign titled ThankATeacher, which is designed to show educators student appreciation and boost their confidence.
  Additionally, this year, National Teacher Appreciation Week is taking place after a flurry of protests by teachers about low wages and budget cuts. So, in addition to the ThankATeacher campaign, many NEA members are promoting the REDforED campaign, the name given to the protesting teachers’ movement.

  So, take a little time out of your day to thank a teacher, and appreciate all their hard work.

May the fourth be with you

Alveena Nadeem – Reporter


“May the fourth be with you”; what started as a joke grew into a full-fledged holiday. A play on words from the quote “May the force be with you” by Star Wars character Han Solo, May the 4th has been named “Star Wars Day” and is celebrated by fans everywhere.

  Although this may sound recent, the origin of this day might be older than thought. One of the earliest known records of “May the 4th” used in pop culture was in 1979, when Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first woman prime minister. To celebrate her victory, the London Evening News bore the words “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.”

  As time went on, this holiday grew to hold numerous traditions and events. According to the Star Wars official website, different conventions, marathons of the show and discounts on merchandise all surround the day. However, many celebrate in their personal ways by dressing up, going to parties, rewatching the shows and movies or trying the different Star Wars-based food recipes listed on the website.

  “I celebrate Star Wars day with a cup of blue milk in the morning and a force dance at night,” freshman Guide Dowling said.

  Star Wars day has evolved from an inside joke within its fan-base to a well known holiday, and will always remind us to keep the force with us.

DHS DECA competes at nationals

Mary Beth Gentry – Reporter


Dyersburg students traveled to Atlanta to compete at the DECA International competition. The students visited Mercedes-Benz stadium during their stay in Atlanta.


On April 21-24, 10 Dyersburg High School DECA members competed at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. These 10 students qualified to attend the competition in Atlanta by placing at the Tennessee State DECA Competition in Chattanooga earlier in the spring.

  There were 20,000 student competitors at the international competition. Students traveled to Atlanta from around the world. Countries represented at the competition include the United States, Guam, China, Canada, Scotland and India.

  “DECA Internationals was an unforgettable experience. From participating in the international competition, I gained new business, communication, and speaking skills. Meeting fellow DECA members from all over the world showed me the impact that DECA has on students everywhere, and the great environment it produces. I’m thankful to have been a competitor in the 2018 DECA International Competition,” sophomore Addison Burchfiel said.

  Dyersburg High School competed in five separate events in Atlanta. Addison Burchfiel, Mackenzie Moody and Alyssa Newman competed in the event of Business Services Operations Research. Emma Newbill competed in the event of Financial Professional Selling. Emma-Anne Boatright competed in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research. Mary Beth Gentry and Ammiah Grow competed in the event of Independent Business Plan. Rylee Hopgood, Marlee Mooney and Betsy Newbill competed in the Franchise Business Plan category.

  In order to win at internationals, competitors must make it through two rounds of crowded competition. No DHS student made it to the final round of competition in Atlanta, but the experience of competing on a global scale was a beneficial experience.

2018 Thespian Banquet

Emmalynn VanDyke section editor

On April 28, Dyersburg drama students were honored as International Thespians. Students are awarded this title if they put in a certain number of hours within the drama program. The awards given after induction were one star, two star, three star, four star, honor bar, ovation one and ovation two.

  The banquet was held as an honor to the students for participating in drama productions. There was a formal dinner prepared and served by the staff cafeteria. After dinner, memories from the productions of the 17-18 school year were shared.  

  The following students were inducted into the International Thespian Society this year: Erin Bailey, Mary Grace Conner, Julianna Haynes, Laython Holder, Nancy Morales, Alveena Nadeem, Jennifer Polk, Jocelyn Stevens, Breuklyn Stone, Jaylah Taylor and Trenady Williams.

  In the following years, these students have the ability to continue to gain more hours and progress into higher levels of the International Thespian Society.

  At the end of the ceremony, the seniors in the drama club were given cheesy gifts that this year’s juniors created for them. Each gift was hand crafted out of wood and painted. The gifts were thought of by the junior class, depending on his or her personalities and given to the seniors.

  The Thespian Banquet is an annual event held at DHS and will continue to gain members throughout the years.


Jerry McGuire welcomed everyone to the banquet. He said Grace for dinner.


Tanya Larraga pinned Alveena Nadeem, welcoming her into the International Thespian Society.


Eli Moore pinned Jocelyn Stevens. She was one of the sophomores inducted this year.


Jaylah Taylor signed her name to the Dyersburg Membership Roll. She was inducted this year.

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