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August 2019

Qualifying for TN Promise

Emmalyn Vandyke- Managing Editor

Scholarship money is a focus many seniors have. This time of year, seniors begin to focus on scholarship opportunities such as TN Promise and TN Scholar. But what are these scholarships, and how can seniors qualify for them?

TN Scholars must meet stricter requirements than those who achieve TN Promise. The requirements are listed below. 

To be a TN Scholar students must have:

4 years of English

4 years of Math

3 Sciences (Biology & Chemistry must be two of them)

3 years of Social Studies

2 years of the same Foreign Language

1 year of Fine Arts

Personal Finance

Physical Education

2 Elective Classes

No Out of School Suspension

95% attendance for all 4 years 

C average or higher

At least 80 hours of volunteer work

The hour logs can be picked up from the bookshelf in Student Services and should be turned into Mrs. Anna Claire Lane. 

To be eligible for TN Promise students must:

Complete the TN Promise application by November 1st

Complete and submit the 2020-2021 FAFSA by February 1st

Attend the mandatory TN Promise meeting in March

Get 8 hours of community service during Senior year

Attend mandatory meeting the fall semester after high school graduation

Summer semester deadlines only apply to students attending a TCAT or students choosing to enroll full-time in a summer semester at a community college or eligible 4-year university- hours due April 1st

Fall 2020 start- hours due July 1st

Community service hours are submitted online through TN Achieves website

ONLY HOURS ACCEPTED: Those that were worked from December 2019-July 1 2020 (summer submission, December 2019-April 1 2020)

Where are some places students could volunteer to get their service hours?

The Humane Society

The Salvation Army

YMCA football and soccer events

Dyer County fair

Organized Trash Clean-Ups + More

Common things people often think count as community services but do not: 

Building a deck with your friend


Picking up trash during a hike with friends

Donating cans to a food drive

Running a race for charity

Mock Trial back at DHS

Tamil YousufSection Editor

A mock trial is an act or imitation trial which generally fakes trials that are either civil or criminal. DHS is starting mock trial again this year, where students can play an important part in a trial to solve a problem which is written specifically for mock trial teams. 

There are two positions in mock trial: the witnesses and the attorneys. The witnesses are the people who testify to have seen the crime; the people playing the witnesses will have to act and dress like them, while also being knowledgeable about the context in which they saw the crime. The attorneys are the people who cross-examine the witnesses and object to anything they consider contradictory.

If there are not enough people on the team, some of the students may have to play multiple roles.

“Depending on the size of the team, sometimes one person will play the part of two different witnesses or will play the same witness for both the defense and the prosecution,” sponsor Becky Milam said.

The problem that will be solved by the mock trial team will be released in late November, and the regional competition takes place in February. Because there was no mock trial team at DHS last year, the sponsors plan to starting it earlier than previous years.

“We are starting early this year because we are building a new team, which takes time,” Milam said. 

Practice will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays; the practices are primarily held at the Dyersburg Courthouse so the students are familiar with a courthouse setting. 

For more information relating to mock trial, students can either visit Becky Milam or Michelle Schoepke.

Photo Courtesy: Tennessee Bar Association

DHS defeats MLK

Emily Escue- Online Editor

The Trojans defeated MLK in the season opener on Friday, August 23. Dyersburg led 55-0 at the half. The Trojans did not let up, with a final score of 62-0.

Photo Credit- Sara Clifft

Welcome Back

Ben GregsonOnline Editor

Dyersburg High School, where we all touch base after a two month hiatus to continue the joys of compulsory education. Where the classrooms are cold, the right side of the hallway is for walking and the bell always rings exactly 2 seconds off the scheduled time. Some students look forward to having something to do everyday, others are distraught at having to wake up before noon. Either way, we’re all here.

   Maybe you’re looking to better yourself this year. Maybe you’re aiming to break 30 on your ACT. Maybe you’re just trying to get above 20. Maybe you’re trying to get that coveted “A” in an AP course, or working hard to do the same in geometry. 

   Maybe you’re going to go out for a sport this year that you haven’t played since middle school, perhaps one you’ve never played before. Maybe you just want to go to more games and see what all the fuss is about, maybe support your classmates and friends and fall in love with a new game.

   Maybe you want to widen your circle and be more social. Maybe join the Key Club or help with a drama production. Maybe you just want to connect more with your peers in your graduating class and get to know them better. Besides, those are the people you will walk across the stage with during graduation and see at your tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth high school reunion. 

   Whatever your aspirations are, just remember that it’s your story. Do what makes you happy and what you want to do. And from the staff of the Torch straight to you, welcome back Trojans.

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