Cambry Hollingsworth-Reporter

 The Dyer County Fair occurs annually the first week in September. During this time, the county is filled with excitement both day and night. Hundreds of students within the county anxiously await a 3-day school week.

   Each night, Dyer County Fair grounds is swarmed with a variety of people ranging from small children drooling over the brightly colored, sugary cotton candy to students and adults preparing livestock for the annual showing competition. 

   Perhaps one of the most anticipated events is the yearly pageant. Girls of all ages dress their finest in formal dresses to look and feel like true a princess.

   A friendly competition of beauty takes place among the young women to win titles such as “Fairest of the Fair” and “Jr. Fairest of the Fair.” This year, Dyersburg High School’s senior Erin Welch won “Fairest of the Fair” and was in good company as another DHS student, sophomore Eyde-Bette Holden, won “Jr. Fairest of the Fair.” 

   “I participate in the Dyer County Fair pageants because I have the opportunity to meet so many new girls that become some of my lifelong friends.” Eyde-Bette Holden said.

   Eyde-Bette, along with many other young ladies, looks forward to participating in the friendly competition every year. From having fun dressing to look their best to meeting new people, having new experiences, and making life-long friends, the Dyer County Fair is a special time that young women dream about for months.