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2019 Powderpuff game

Sara Clifft- Editor

On the evening of October 16th, DHS students and members of the community gathered at JC Sawyers Stadium for the annual Powderpuff game. Admission was one dollar, with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The first two games, taking place simultaneously, saw the seniors facing off against the sophomores and the juniors against the freshmen. 

    The juniors defeated the freshmen 24-0, and the sophomores beat the seniors in a 5th overtime. The final match saw the sophomores defeat the juniors 7-6.

Homecoming intramural volleyball

Cole Hamilton- Reporter

On Wednesday, October 16, and Thursday, October 17, in celebration of homecoming week, DHS hosted the intramural volleyball pep rallies.

   The intramural volleyball matches are a part of class competitions for homecoming week. Males from each of the four grades sign up at during their lunch period weeks before to participate in these matches.

   Ths volleyball matches are fun and exciting events that all participants can become invested in. The players’ competitive sides come out when there is an intense match. The matches consist of bumps, sets, spikes, tips, blocks, dives, errors and sometimes funny bloopers. 

   Players on the court must communicate and build each other up in order to achieve victory. 

   The student body, seated or sometimes standing in the bleachers, cheered as their grade’s volleyball team played throughout the match. Even when their grades weren’t currently playing on the court, students picked a side between whoever is playing at the time and cheered them on.

   The procedure has always been that on the first day juniors and freshmen play first, then sophomores and seniors play next. The following day, the winners of each match will face off against each other for the finals match. Finally, whichever grade comes out on top above the others  must play the faculty to see who the real champions are.

   The seniors and juniors were victorious on Wednesday, while the freshmen and sophomores played a consolation game with the sophomores being the winners. The seniors defeated the juniors on Thursday and then later achieved champion status after their victory in the second match against the faculty. 

   Regardless of who wins or loses, the intramural volleyball matches are an essential part of the DHS homecoming festivities that the whole school can enjoy and have fun watching.

Photo by Sara Clifft

The Beauty of the Dyer County Fair

Cambry Hollingsworth-Reporter

 The Dyer County Fair occurs annually the first week in September. During this time, the county is filled with excitement both day and night. Hundreds of students within the county anxiously await a 3-day school week.

   Each night, Dyer County Fair grounds is swarmed with a variety of people ranging from small children drooling over the brightly colored, sugary cotton candy to students and adults preparing livestock for the annual showing competition. 

   Perhaps one of the most anticipated events is the yearly pageant. Girls of all ages dress their finest in formal dresses to look and feel like true a princess.

   A friendly competition of beauty takes place among the young women to win titles such as “Fairest of the Fair” and “Jr. Fairest of the Fair.” This year, Dyersburg High School’s senior Erin Welch won “Fairest of the Fair” and was in good company as another DHS student, sophomore Eyde-Bette Holden, won “Jr. Fairest of the Fair.” 

   “I participate in the Dyer County Fair pageants because I have the opportunity to meet so many new girls that become some of my lifelong friends.” Eyde-Bette Holden said.

   Eyde-Bette, along with many other young ladies, looks forward to participating in the friendly competition every year. From having fun dressing to look their best to meeting new people, having new experiences, and making life-long friends, the Dyer County Fair is a special time that young women dream about for months.

Dyersburg’s Free day

Caroline GentryReporter

A day for everyone who enjoys rides, pageants, animal shows and fried food waits for, Fair Day set aside for students to enjoy the Dyer County Fair. Both the Dyersburg and Dyer County school systems released their students last Friday and allowed them a free day.

    “It’s a day where you can go and enjoy the fair with your friends and family. Fair week can be stressful so it’s really nice to have a day off,” junior Carly Mansfield said. 

   The free day is a staple to those who enjoy the excitement of the fair.  Even to those who chose not to attend the fair, the day off is helpful for multiple different reasons.

   “Fair day is nice because it gives upperclassmen another three day weekend to do college visits and applications,” senior Wilkes Kirby said.

    Having a full day dedicated to the fair might seem strange to outsiders, but students here can not remember a time without it. 

   Some people do not necessarily agree with all the parts of a fair day. Teachers, for example, have to stay at school while the students have a free day. Some teachers think that the day off for students is a great thing but having the teachers come the full day is not.

   “It would be a great idea that teachers should have a late day, as in come in later in the day, especially because we have to stay for parent teacher conference the day before. It would help lots of teachers, especially teachers with children who are still too young to drive.” Geometry teacher Grady Andrews said.

Star’s concealer stolen

Sara Clifft – Reporter

At 1 P.M. on March 16, 2019, $2.5 million in makeup products was stolen from one of Star’s stock and shipping warehouses. 

Jeffree Star had 2.5 million dollars in makeup stolen from a stock and shipping warehouse on March 15, 2019.

   The thieves stole thousands of Northern Lights Highlighter Palettes, Platinum Ice Liquid Frost Highlighters, Velour Lip Liner and most notably, thousands of the shade C5 from Star’s unreleased concealer.

   In a video titled “My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)” Star addressed the situation.

“I am so horrified that someone knew [that particular warehouse] wasn’t secure enough yet, and they hit us really hard. They came in through the roof. It was a very professional job — it was a team of people. When you watch footage of this stuff, it’s so gut-wrenching to see people just take your [stuff] and put it in a truck and steal something that I have been working on for so long,” Star said in the video.

   Revealing that he only has a few hundred of shade C5 left, Star explained that he and his team were waiting for the concealer to pop up online after the theft. Pictures of the stolen concealer surfaced on a Facebook Marketplace page.

  Referencing a similar robbery from Anastasia Beverly Hills’s warehouse a year ago in which $4.5 million worth of makeup was stolen, Star explained that the burglary was carried out by black market dealers, who then sell the makeup via third parties. The person who posted the concealer to sell on Facebook is currently in jail while police investigate how they got access to the stolen goods.

   Despite the situation, Star reassured viewers that the concealer launch would still happen later in April, as originally planned.

After the break-in, Star revealed it was only a matter of time before his unreleased concealers were leaked online. 

DHS Cheer heads to Nationals

Sydney Bevis – Online Editor

On Wednesday, February 6, the Dyersburg High School cheer team started their journey to Walt Disney World for the Universal Cheer Alliance Nationals. 

   This is the teams fourth year to travel to nationals, but the first time, the cheer team will be competing in the Medium Varsity Non-Tumble Game Day Division. In this division, the team performs in a game day aspect; what this means is that they will do a band dance routine, an offense/defense scenario, a crowd involved cheer and their fight song. 

    The cheer team named their competition team back at the end of last school year. Throughout the summer and the entire school year they have practiced, they have performed at games and they have rigorously worked for this weekend.

  The cheer team placed 8th last year at nationals, and it hopes to carry on the tradition of placing in the gameday division. They will compete Friday, February 8, at 2:29 EST.


Russell signs with Texas A&M

Abbey AlleyEditor

As many students and parents await the release and finalization of college decisions this spring, there has been an undercurrent of excited murmurs about one particular student-athlete–Chris Russell.

  Because of his offer from the University of Arkansas, Russell earned the nickname Mr. SEC. He previously had a verbal commitment to the University of Memphis.

  On February 6, 2019, Russell signed with Texas A&M University. He received offers from the following schools: Troy University, Auburn University, Austin Peay University, the University of Tennessee at Martin, Middle Tennessee State University, the University of Memphis, Texas A&M University, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the University of Arkansas, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

  Russell plays middle linebacker and wing.

  “He has grown into an outstanding player and leader on the field and in the weight room. His combination of size, strength and speed along with [his] ethic, attitude and instincts make him one of the best players to play in West Tennessee in recent years,” defensive end Sam Andrews said.

  “I’ll be attending the University of Texas A&M,” Russell said.

Thank You, Next Review

Emmalynn VanDyke Section Editor

Ariana Grande released her new song, “Thank You, Next” on November 3, 2018. The song is a timeline and breakdown of her love life.

  In the first verse, Grande lists her previous ex-boyfriends and comments on their relationships. She says, “Thought I’d end up with Sean, but he wasn’t a match,” referring to Big Sean, her partner from 2014 to mid 2015. The two were said to have broken up because of conflicting tour dates, but other situation have been rumored.

  Ricky Alvarez was her next ex mentioned in the verse. “Wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen and laugh,” Ricky was her backup dancer and they dated from 2015 until July of 2016. Ariana’s songs “Moonlight” and “True Love” were written about him, and other songs were said to be about him as well.

  “Even almost got married, and for Pete I’m so thankful,” Pete Davidson was Ariana Grande’s latest relationship. The couple recently broke up, after being engaged for a few months.

  Mac Miller is Grande’s last ex mentioned in the first verse of the song. “Wish I could say ‘Thank You’ to Malcolm, ‘Cause he was an angel,” This lyric gives reference to Miller, who recently died from an accidental overdose earlier this year. Grande has openly spoken about how the passing of Miller affected her deeply.

  Later in the song, Grande speaks of how thankful she is for all of her exes because they all taught her something. She says how one taught her love, one taught her patience, and one taught her pain. This song is an allusion to all of the men who have affected her in some way or another during their relationships.

  Ariana Grande has been singing since 2013 and continues to empower those around her with her deep lyrics, always encouraging people to move on and do better.


DHS Band Participates in Marching Festival

Kamil Yousuf – Reporter

On September 22, 2018, the Dyersburg High School Band participated in the WTSBOA (West Tennessee Band and Orchestra Association) marching festival to compete for a high individual rating with other schools in the West Tennessee area.

  14 schools participated in the competition, including Bartlett, Huntingdon, Dyer County, Chester County, Milan, Peabody, Covington, West Carroll, Scott’s Hill, Southside, Henry County, South Gibson and Munford.

  The WTSBOA marching festival competition scores range from one to five. The Dyersburg High School Marching Band percussion section scored a one (Superior), and the Band’s composite score was a two (Excellent).

  There was a competition between the schools planned for the afternoon; however, this competition was cancelled because of rain.

   The marching festival was a unique experience for all of the students in the band as they were able to meet with other schools and students from across West Tennessee. The band was also able to socialize with each other more during the competition.

  “My favorite aspect [of the competition] was getting to see all of my friends and to see them rewarded for all of their work,” sophomore Will Webb said.

  While Dyersburg did not make the highest rating compared to other schools, the experience gave the band an understanding of how these competitions work and an incentive to improve for future competitions.

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